The End of Chitchat

I’m featured in a marketing insert. Weird.

Deloitte sponsored an insert for The Atlantic called The Next Evolution of Work, which was published in the December magazine but apparently not online. One section was The End of Chitchat, in which I was quoted a few times. The insert, reproduced below, is odd in that it has no acknowledged author, just a slug at the top saying 'Crafted by The Atlantic's Marketing Team', and I don't recall being interviewed for it.

At any rate, I got this copy from my mother-in-law, who is quite nice, but does not have a steady hand with her highlighter.

I think this is a first: being quoted in essentially an ad. However, it's definitely me saying those words:

We'll soon be at a point when our Als are meeting on our behalf, making agreements, and then potentially doing our work as well. We could all be sitting at the beach, next to each other, unaware that our surrogates were doing business, while we doze in the sand.

And I wasn't half-joking, I was serious about AIs doing our jobs. The problem is that relatively quickly our employers will stop paying us.